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The Cube : A Unique Platformer Mobile Game.

The Cube - preview 1

The Cube is a Free Android mobile platformer game, about a yellow cube trapped in a tower full of deadly traps.
Determined to escape, The Cube jumps from wall to wall, avoiding the challenging diversity of obstacles.

The Cube - preview 2

The Cube is a game designed to be speed-runnable and has a journey of 12 levels and an endless mode.
During the former, The Cube has to reach checkpoints, avoid traps and collect coins. During the latter, The Cube is challenged by a endless cascade of obstacles increasing in difficulty.

The Cube - preview 3

Skillful avoidance of death, speed in reaching the end of a level and exhaustive collecting of coins unlock achievements when times are in favor of The Cube. While coins can be used to revive The Cube or help surmount the most difficult traps during The Cube's journey.

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